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Our Story

The name Ragtrade harkens back to the days when the fashion and textile industry was informally known as the Rag Trade. The vision was always to go back to that way of dressmaking - using natural fibres, with simple and timeless styles (AKA 'slow fashion') and knowing exactly who has created your clothes and where.

These pieces are imagined, designed and created by designer/maker, Sammi Bennett with the intention to be seasonless and timeless, functional but feminine. Ragtrade was founded in Dubai, UAE, in 2017 by Sammi and now is based in Brighton, England. 

We choose to work with 100% linen and more recently Tencel because they are a couple of the most sustainable fibres for the environment. Linen in particular is perfect in warm weather and saves your skin from getting clammy in the heat and keeps you cool. Most of all we love it's classic aesthetic and the fact that when looked after, it will last for decades.